Watch: Prodigy Talks Mobb Deep’s Classic LP, ‘The Infamous’

    As part of an ongoing series spotlighting artists in the Rock The Bells festival’s lineup, Reebok sat down with Prodigy, of Mobb Deep, to talk about his act’s classic sophomore album, The Infamous. He speaks heavily on his sampling of classic jazz records that he received from the legendary Budd Johnson. Prodigy admits he even made a majority of the duo’s first two albums based off of those records alone. Damn.

    He also notes that he and Mobb Deep partner Havoc began collaborating on the production end of things back in those days. Hav apparently started making beats while Prodigy was away from the studio drinking and smoking (his words, not mine, haha). And with his partner doing that, Prodigy admits he was able to start stepping it up lyrically because he no longer had to focus so heavily on their beats. Pretty ill, and kind of hilarious, too.

    You can watch the video below. Mobb Deep is currently on the road performing The Infamous in its entirety. Peep the tour dates here.