Watch: Pixies Release “Bagboy” Video 2.0

    Now that The Pixies have sufficiently wetted the appetites of fans with the release of “Bagboy” earlier this summer, the band have released a second video for the song. Created by Kestrel Media and inspired by the art of British graphic designer Vaughan Oliver, the new clip features dark 3-D sketches cut between newsreel of industrial and agrarian workers. The mix of images creates a sense that we are in some kind of grim mechanized abattoir, a very different vision than that of the original video.

    Speaking about the two videos, Black Francis told Rolling Stone, “They’re so good, so creative, and each in its own way, and both made by up-and-coming filmmakers.”

    “Bagboy” is the first new Pixies material to emerge since 2004 itunes exclusive, “Bam Thwok”, and their first release since the departure of bassist Kim Deal (though the backing vocals on the new track do sound suspiciously like her).  While it’s great that the band are working together again, a second video for the same song feels like eagerly opening a gift wrapped present to discover it is a hand knitted sweater from Grandma. What fans really want is a new album, the band’s last release occurring over 20 years ago. The announcement today of new tour dates in small venues in New York and Brooklyn this fall is great news, but still leaves fans wanting.

    Till then, we will  make do. Check out the new video via Rolling Stone,  or the original  below.


    Pixies Tour Dates:

    09.13 – 15 Chicago, IL: Riot Fest

    09.17 – 18 New York, NY: Bowery Ballroom

    09.19 Brooklyn, NY: Music Hall of Williamsburg,

    09.20 New York, NY: Bowery Ballroom

    09.25 London, UK: iTunes Festival

    09.29 Paris, FR: Olympia

    10.02 Brussels, BE: Ancienne Belgique

    10.03 Brussels, BE: Ancienne Belgique

    10.05 Amsterdam, NL: Paradiso

    10.08 Berlin, DE: Huxleys

    10.10 Prague, CZ: Lucerna Music Hall

    11.01 Vienna, AT: Gasometer

    11.02 Geneva, CH: Thonex

    11.04 Milan, IT: Alcatraz

    11.07 Madrid, ES: La Riviera

    11.09 Lisbon, PT: Coliseum

    11.13 Copenhagen, DK:  Falkoner

    11.14 Oslo, NO: Sentrum Scene

    11.15 Stockholm, SE:  Munchen Brewery

    11.18 – Dublin, IR:  Olympia

    11.19 – Dublin, IR:  Olympia

    11.21 – Manchester, UK:  Apollo

    11.22 – Glasgow, UK: Barrowland


    11.24 – London, UK:  Hammersmith Apollo