Watch Patton Oswalt Give The Candidates Debate Advice On ‘Conan’

    For those of you who don’t know him, Patton Oswalt is a pretty intelligent guy. A self-professed geek, his stand-up routine often focuses on comic books, literature and classic movies. This has given him a reputation as a bit of a know-it-all, so it’s no wonder he wanted to talk about the election when he stopped by to chat with Conan O’Brien last night. 

    However, if you thought you were going to get an in-depth discussion of how debates should be conducted, or even if the conversation was going to remain in the real world, you’d be mistaken. Despite claiming to be giving advice to Mitt Romney on how to succeed in a debate with a town hall format, Oswalt quickly veers into a rant about O’Brien’s thinness and sidekick Andy Richter’s weight. 

    It probably doesn’t help that the randomly solicited question from an audience member came from a guy who looks an awful lot like Brian Posehn, a fellow stand-up comedian. Watch below and see if there’s anything in this insane monologue that Mitt Romney could salvage and use at the debate tonight.