Watch Odd Future’s Ludicrous Video For “Rella”

    Odd Future‘s new song and video, “Rella,” is easily more absurd than “Bitch Suck Dick.” The song, which dropped as promised on all of the gang’s online outlets, features Tyler, the Creator as a coked up centaur, Hodgy Beats turning suburbanites into kittens via his dick, and Domo Genesis as a stone cold pimp that slaps the color out of a girl. Directed by Tyler as Wolf Haley, the visuals for “Rella” will likely attract a comment or two, but it’s not like OF doesn’t know that. The Left Brain-produced track is heavy, and one of the video’s YouTube tags is ‘doom’.

    Tyler was excited about the release on his already-hyperactive Twitter, writing this about his seventh music video as director:

    Thats How You Direct A Video Too, Let Your Imagination Run Free. Dont Let Anyone Turn Your Color Into Black And White.

    “Rella” is the first we’ve heard from Odd Future’s OF Tape Vol.2, which will be out March 20 on Odd Future Records. Now, who wants to hear the recently returned-home Earl Sweatshirt on a remix? Check out the video below.