Watch: Odd Future Perform, Stage Dive In New York City

    Speaking of stage diving, Odd Future brought their always-hype and hectic live show to New York City last night as part of CMJ. And as has become their wont, the group’s two most visible members Tyler, the Creator and Hodgy Beats climbed to the highest point they could find in the venue. Once they got up there, you can pretty much guess what they did. If not, just watch the videos below and try not to wince. You have to give Tyler some credit here, too. Dude’s still doing shit like this after messing up his ankle earlier this year. You can hate on OFWGKTA all you want, but you cannot deny their live presence. [Real Talk NY]

    Tyler and Hodgy stage dive

    Tyler, the Creator: “Yonkers”

    Tyler, the Creator: “French” F. Hodgy Beats