Watch Obama Give Young Jeezy A Shout-Out During White House Correspondents Dinner

    Last night was the White House Correspondants Dinner in Washington, D.C. As is custom, the president got up to say a few words. This time, Obama was asked what would happen if he received a second term. The president playfully replied,

    “In my first term, I sang Al Green; in my second term, I’m going with Young Jeezy.”

    Obama goes on to say that the first lady approves and that he sometimes sings Jeezy to her.

    In 2008, Jeezy dropped the single, “My President” off his album The Recession. The song made positive and proud references to Obama. After the song was released, Jeezy was quoted by MTV saying:

    “I’m a street cat 100 percent, but there’s certain things I’ve had to distance myself between too if I wanna lead the way for the rest of us, if I wanna spit that game back to the ‘hood’… I don’t expect Obama to come send me a thank-you letter for the song. I feel like he did his thing, and I did what I could to help.”

    Four years later, Jeezy gets his nod. [All Hip-Hop]