Watch: New ‘Django Unchained’ Trailer Unveils More Footage

    It’s funny how differently films are marketed outside of the U.S. as opposed to within our borders. The States have been quickly gobbling up their own version of the trailer for Django Unchained, which positions the upcoming Quentin Tarantino film as something of a dark comedy (in line with his entire filmography).

    Meanwhile, an international trailer portrays the movie as arthouse fare, with a surprisingly emotional and dramatic hook for why Christoph Waltz’s character, Dr. King Schultz, would help free the titular hero. Either way, the new trailer unveils new footage–including a menacing Samuel L. Jackson and a particularly evil-looking Leonardo di Caprio–to pique the interest of even a casual movie-goer. Sure, it’s still bloody as hell and scored by James Brown’s “The Payback,” but the additional content shows a film that’s a little bit more fleshed out than what American audiences would be led to believe. Watch the new trailer below, and find Django Unchained in (American) theaters this Christmas. [Indiewire]