Watch: Neon Indian’s Hilarious Infomercial For His Custom Synthesizer

    Neon Indian’s Alan Palomo revealed earlier this month that he’s put together a pretty damn cool deluxe edition of his new album, Era Extrana. Should you decide to drop $50, he’ll send you an autographed poster, vinyl and CD versions of the album, a T-shirt, and a customized mini-synthesizer called PAL198X. And to prove that’s not messing around, he’s provided a sample of the synth’s power, which you can check out here, and the below infomercial that’s equal parts hilarity and retro goodness.

    As you’ll see, it was inspired by great infomercials of old, particularly the ’80s when these things ran rampant on television. Well, they still are pretty widespread today, too, though they’re not nearly as much fun as they were back then. They try to be, sure, but they can’t hold a candle to shit like this. I mean, Palomo even got one of those Super Scopes for the Super Nintendo and taught his cat — at least I’m assuming it’s his — how to play the mini-synth.

    You can watch the infomercial below. Era Extrana drops Sept. 13.