Watch: Nas Talks His Career, Recites First Rap

    Nas is basking in the glow of his well-received new album Life Is Good, and he’s recently been hitting all manner of shows to perform or discuss. He did both on “Big Boy’s Neighborhood”– the radio show broadcast out of L.A.’s Power 106 FM–though both the performance and discussion ventured far from his new album.

    In the interview, Nas talks about his lengthy career and touches on why he’s had such success. “I take it serious. I mean, since a kid, since I first got into the game, I always took it serious. I never got ahead of myself, I never let my ego break me up. I never became bigger than the music. I let the music do what it do. I love the music as a fan. I never found myself bigger than the whole genre. So I can always be easy, I can always live my life, I don’t need to go to sleep with a diamond chain on.”

    He also claims that his early “shock raps” helped establish his name, and as he’s reminiscing, he’s asked if he can remember his first rap. As it turns out, he can, and he recites it for Big Boy and crew. It’s a pretty great little verse about dancing that Nas says he wrote when he was only eight years old. Watch the fun below. [Hip Hop DX]