Watch Nas, Pharell, Dr. Dre And More In The Tanning Of America Trailer

    In 2011, Steve Stoute published his first book, titled The Tanning of America: How Hip-Hop Created a Culture That Rewrote the Rules of the New Economy. The book is now being made into a documentary, and the first trailer has been released. 

    In the book, Stoute wrote about a famous concert that Run DMC had in New York City, where they had the entire crowd singing “My Adidas” and raising their shoes in the air. It was then, Stoute believes, that industries began taking hip-hop seriously, and thinking that there could be some money in the genre. 

    Stoute began his career as a music label executive, working for various labels, such as Sony Music Entertainment and Interscope, before he started his own marketing company, with Jay Z as a partner. Stoute’s background in both music and advertising made his book an interesting one that bridged two of his passions.

    Beginning on February 24, VH1 will be airing a four-part documentary series based on the book. The series is set to look at “how hip-hop has played a role not just in the entertainment world but in politics, civil rights and American culture as a whole.”

    You can watch the trailer below, witch features Stoute himself, as well as many other prominent figures in the hip-hop world, including Nas, Mariah Carey, Diddy, Rick Rubin, Rev Run, and Dr. Dre.