Watch: Nas Doesn’t Think Rap Is Respected

    In a clip taken from Ice-T’s hip-hop documentary, Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap, God’s Son explains why he thinks rap isn’t respected as much as it should be.

    “Why are you guys bringing street conversation to the mainstream world,” Nas questions. He goes on to paraphrase much of the debate held within households during the earlier, more gangster days of rap.  “Why are my kids liking your music…I don’t like you.” A sentiment that echoes much of what parents were shouting in the mid-90’s.

    Coming from one of the all time greats – Illmatic is hard to top, after all – that’s a pretty heavy statement. And while he definitely has a point, rap – or more accurately, hip-hop – has long moved on from shootouts and an exclusively thugged-out mentality, to become a genre truly defined by its artists.

    From Kanye’s powerhouse G.O.O.D Family to the bizarre openness of Lil’ B, hip-hop is not only more respected than it was when it started, it’s become a genre mostly accepted by mainstream culture.


    Ice-T’s documentary will be airing all week on VH1, and the snippet with Nas is posted below. [Nah Right]

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