Watch: Nardwuar And RiFF RaFF Talk Baby Oil Strip Parks, Autographing Dogs And More

    Internet interviewing phenom Nardwuar has delivered some pretty hilarious moments these past few years (Busta Rhymes questioning his mental stability, Odd Future trolling him and A$AP Mob Harlem shaking their way out of an interview), but perhaps the single greatest moment in The Human Serviette’s career comes courtesy of RiFF RaFF (come on, just look at that screenshot above).

    Catching up with Nard in Vancouver, British Columbia (where else?), the Mad Decent-signed rapper spoke on his love for acts like Jon Bon Jovi, Fleetwood Mac and Little Dragon, as well as his shameless love for jewellery and money. As you’d expect, there were some pretty zany topics brought up like baby oil strip parks (yeah, apparently these actually exist) and the best way to autograph a dog. Enjoy below.