Watch Mos Def’s Tribute To Troy Davis With Brooklyn Philharmonic

    During his set in Brooklyn, N.Y. last Saturday with the Brooklyn Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) took it upon himself to perform a tribute to recently executed prisoner Troy Davis. Bey introduces the homage by explaining that he and the orchestra will be playing Frederic Rzewski’s “Coming Together.”

    He felt it was an appropriate song to perform given the circumstances in which it was written. As Bey explains, Rzewski composed “Coming Together” after reading a letter from a prisoner in Attica, N.Y. a month before the riots in 1971. In Bey’s words:

    “I thought it was interested we had chosen this piece to perform especialyl given the most recents in Georgia surrounding Troy Davis and his trial and execution. This piece definitely brought Troy Davis to mind so I will be dedicating this piece to Troy Davis and his memory and his spirit. Also, to the spirit of the Attica uprising.”

    You can watch the performance below. It also features live takes on “Casa Bey,” “Life In Marvelous Times,” and “Revelations.”” [Rap Radar]