Watch: More Footage From Pearl Jam 20 With The Strokes, Queens Of The Stone Age

    As we reported yesterday, the Pearl Jam 20 festival went down over the weekend as a celebration of the band’s 20 years together. And they weren’t just performing alone, either, as they got the likes of the Strokes, Mudhoney, and Queens of the Stone Age to support. This led to numerous onstage collaborations, including Eddie Vedder manning a cowbell while QotSA ripped through “Little Sister” along with another Temple of the Dog reunion with Chris Cornell It also led to Vedder performing a brand-new track, which could either be a preview of new Pearl Jam material or stuff from a forthcoming solo release. We’re hoping for the former, though his output on his own has been reasonably solid. 

    You can watch the footage below.

    Eddie Vedder: New Song

    Temple of the Dog: “Call Me A Dog”

    The Strokes: “New York City Cops” (with Josh Homme)

    Queens of the Stone Age: “Make it Wit’ Chu” and “Little Sister” (with Eddie Vedder)