Watch Monkeys And Other Animas Attempt Electronic Music On Different Synthesizers

    Well, here’s your great end-of-the-week clip. It’s a bunch of monkeys messing with a number of synthesizers, not so silently proposing an open challenge to any electronic artist that’s ever been called a mere ‘knob twister.’

    In the video you’ll see the monkeys (How cute is the lion tamarin, btw?) bang away at machines like the Roland TR-909. There are other animals, too, like the two-toed sloth, who you can tell just totally digs the Yamaha SHS-10. I gotta say, though, it’s definitely the suricates on the Mirage EPS16 that wins my heart.

    In the end, the animals’ experimentations are edited together to make something of a song. Disclaimer: the ring-tailed lemur unfortunately doesn’t make enough use of his ring tail. Watch below. [Dummy]