Watch MLB Players Impersonate Characters From ‘The Expendables 2’

    It’s hard to get a gauge on baseball player’s sense of humor. Mostly it seems to be that type of jock/frat-boy sense of humor that usually involves bodily harm and/or the run of the mill “dick and fart” jokes. People want baseball players to be crazier and funnier and wilder than they really are. Take Nick Swisher for example. Dude makes some funny faces, stars in a Gillette commercial, appears in a Funny or Die skit and he’s suddenly the king of baseball comedy? Please. Bob Uecker might have something to say about that.

    All of this aside this video from MLB doesn’t do much to help baseball player’s reputations as being funny.  In response to the release of the awesomely ridiculous The Expendables 2, MLB got a bunch of players together to do their best impressions of all the main characters. Most of them do some terrible impressions in that sort of funny/pathetic sort of way. Derek Holland of the Texas Rangers does an awesome Arnold impression. At the end, you aren’t sure whether you are laughing at them or with them.

    Who did you like the best? [Deadspin]

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