Watch Mitt Romney Debate Adam Sandler In ‘Billy Madison’

    The premise of Billy Madison is funny, but it’s kind of stupid. Basically, an overgrown man-child loses the respect of his wealthy father and must win it back by correcting his past mistakes. The most glaring is his complete and utter failure in school, so he promises to go back and redo grades one through twelve to prove to his father that he can be trusted to run the family company. 

    The climax takes place during a quiz show event held at the end of an academic decathlon, and Billy (Adam Sandler) just has to give a good answer to the final question while his opponent gives a bad one. 

    If this sounds familiar — but you haven’t even seen Bill Madison — you’re probably being reminded of the presidential debates. You apparently aren’t alone, because the folks over at Next Movie have created a great mash-up that pitts Mitt Romney against Adam Sandler. Check it out below (via FilmSchoolRejects). 

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