Watch Metallica Pull a Five Year Old On Stage To Play Drums

    The metal legends give a young fan the thrill of a lifetime

    Metallica WorldWired Tour 2017 Poster

    Metallica hit Detroit’s Comerica Park on Wednesday, July 12, as part of their WorldWired Tour.

    The last song of their main set was “Seek and Destroy,” and the metal legends had something up their (general lack of) sleeves for the sold out crowd, as they brought five-year-old Kendalynn out of the first few rows. Drummer Lars Ulrich placed Kendalynn behind his kit. A generally amused James Hetfield looked on and said, “Alright! Someone’s ready,” and Ulrich clapped as the youngster, donning pink hearing protecting headphones, did a little snare roll.

    Hetfield, seemingly ready to begin “Seek and Destroy” with Kendalynn on drums, began the classic live call-and-response of him grunting “SEEK” and the crowd screaming back “AND DESTROY!”

    As the band launched into the opening riff, Ulrich immediately had seen enough as he removed Kendalynn from his stool and took over drumming. One wonders why the band brought her on stage to begin with. Hetfield chimed in, saying, “Aw, is that all?”

    The song continued, and Metallica eventually came back out to play three final encore songs.

    The rockers, it seems, have a history with this sort of fan service/fan-pleasing. In one YouTube clip, uploaded in 2015, the band is in some kind of studio, and lets a couple of young boys join in on an impromptu version of, you guessed it, “Seek and Destroy.” Later the band would bring these kids out on stage to play it for real. This time the kids got to play for longer than one second.

    In another video from 2014, Metallica brings a devoted fan onstage to sing “Sad But True,” surely a dream fulfilled for this young man.

    With Hetfield claiming the legendary band are always on the verge of breaking up in a recent Rolling Stone feature partially due to the ever-present tensions between he and Ulrich, perhaps the practice of bringing up five-year-olds to play drums could save the band. Perhaps Ulrich knew this when he put Kendalynn back in her seat before she could show her chops.