Watch Mark Zuckerberg Speak About Facebook Surpassing 1 Billion Users

    I remember when Facebook first popped up at my college campus. I vowed to myself that I’d never sign up, arguing that MySpace was far superior (silly me). Now, some seven or eight years later, me and 999,999,999 other people around the world use the social media network.

    “It’s just this amazing honor. To be able to come into work every day and build things that help a biollion people stay connected with the people they care about…just unbelievable,” Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg told Brian Williams in an interview today.

    “I take this responsibility really seriously. I think Facebook needs to be focused on building the best experiences for apeople around the world. We have this philosophy that building the product and building the business goes hand in hand,” he said when asked if a more experienced CEO may do better at running the business while he continues to design the site’s products.

    The next goal for Facebook is to become a larger presence in the mobile media world. Currently, 600,000,000 people access the site via their mobile phones, but in the next few years he hopes to focus on making the best mobile products. 

    Watch Brian Wilson interview Mark Zuckerberg below.


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