Watch Mark Cuban Offer Donald Trump $1 Million To Shave His Head

    Donald Trump knows how to make headlines. Just last week, in a move he hoped would “shake the election,” offered President Obama $5 Million to the charity of his choice if he would make his college transcripts and passports record public. 

    Since then, Stephen Colbert has responded, offering Donald $1 Million to the charity of his choice if he allowed Colbert to “put his balls in Trump’s mouth.” And now we have businessman Mark Cuban offering the same amount, but for a more reasonable challenge: if Donald Trump shaves his head Cuban will give $1 Million to the charity of his choice. He makes the offer in an interview with a local Dallas-Fort Worth Fox station and calls Trump’s $5 Million challenge “one of the dumbest things ever.”

    He has also said that he’s willing to bring the offer up to $2 Million if it will bring Donald forward. A reasonable offer considering Trump’s original challenge. [TMZ]

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