Watch Mannie Fresh’s Two-Hour RBMA Lecture (Video)

    If you have listened to Southern hip-hop in the best 20 or so years, you have heard the work of Mannie Fresh. The New Orleans native has produced heaters and bangers for everyone from Lil Wayne to T.I. to Juvenile to Gucci Mane. Say what you will about the MCs he’s recorded with, there is no denying that Fresh is one of the most influential and important producers of our time. And to look back at his historic career, he sat down with hip-hop scribe Andrew Noz during the Red Bull Music Academy Madrid 2011 event. They talk for more than two hours about Fresh’s realization that he wanted to create music, to his work with Cash Money during their heyday, and his production style. You can watch the lecture below. It’s excellent. [2DBz]