Watch Malice Talk About His New Book, New Music With Clipse

    While Pusha T is in the midst of arguably the most commercially viable period of his music-making life, it’s easy to forget that Malice, his brother and other half of Clipse, is in the midst of a God-touched book tour. Wretched, Poor, Pitiful, Blind, And Naked, the book’s title, is taken from a verse in the apocalypse-warning Revelations, and as Malice explains in this interview, is an autobiographical documentation of a spiritual rebirth after apparently feeling isolated for an extended period of time. “I’m completely sold out on Christ” he says – it’s the kind of diehard positivity that can make even the most abject atheist soften up to faith for a few minutes. He also mentions he’s got a mixtape in the tank called Here And Him, and is also working on some new stuff with Pusha. Considering Clipse are best known for their dead-eyed (and disturbingly self-aware) tales of drug-dealing hubris, it’ll be interesting to hear what the new stuff sounds like. Watch the interview below. [2DB]