Watch: Main Attrakionz On ‘The Neighborhood’

    Over the past few months, we have indirectly posted about Main Attrakionz. We highlighted the work of each half of the Bay Area duo, including MondreM.A.N‘s latest mixtape and Squadda B’s collaboration with Clams Casino. But for whatever reason, we haven’t highlighted their work together until now. This should make up for that oversight, though, as Yours Truly and Audyssey’s The Neighborhood series shines some light on Main Attrakionz. They speak on numerous topics, including why they have adopted such a furiously paced work ethic:

    “Everybody’s goin’ hard out here that’s why it’s like we got to. People don’t understand why we’re doin’ so much and tryin’ to do so much, like, we got to. There’s too much other people out here goin’ crazy.”

    You can stream Main Attrakionz’s solid EP, Blackberry Ku$h, below and buy it on Bandcamp.