Watch Lil Wayne’s Mountain Dew Commercial

    When he’s not collaborating with Justin Bieber, James Blake, or every other singer on the planet, Lil Wayne drinks Mountain Dew, and he wants you to know it.

    Below is Lil Wayne’s Mountain Dew commercial, which debuted during last night’s BET Awards in Los Angeles. Admittedly, Weezy is a good fit for the soda, given his penchant for skateboarding. Filmed at the Austin Music Hall during this past March’s South By Southwest, the ad finds Lil Wayne launching into a (scripted) monologue, seemingly spur-of-the-moment during a concert: “Ladies and gentlemen, if you get anything from me, it’s to find your own thing and do you [or Dew You] because we all know it’s not what you do [Dew], it’s how you do [Dew] that’s important. This is how I do [Dew]!”

    The various hipster faces on the verge of tears (Mountain Dew tears, perhaps?) are worth the price of admission alone. Watch it below.