Watch: Lil Wayne And Stevie J Kiss Onstage, Stevie J Explains (Sort Of)

    Lil Wayne likes to kiss guys (and there’s nothing wrong with that). A few years ago, Weezy smooched Brian “Birdman” Williams on the mouth during BET’s Rap City: The Bassment, and now there is question if he laid a wet one on record producer Stevie J at Miami’s LIV club.

    After the video made its rounds on the Interwebs, Stevie J called Tony Sculfield and the Morning Riot in Chicago to address the situation, but the phone call doesn’t go as planned. He starts skirting the question, saying he was in Los Angeles with Joseline Hernandez (who later hops on the call) and asking what Sculfield’s portfolio looks like (what?). Tunechi’s DJ also happens to go by Stevie J and lives in Miami, so maybe that’s who received the kiss? Either way, the whole situation is pretty ridiculous.

    Watch the kiss video and the Stevie J interview below.