Watch Lana Del Rey ‘Tropico’ (Full Video Trailer)

    We previously had a taste of Lana Del Rey’s mysterious short-film Tropico with a short preview containing prayers and a John Wayne-like character. And now we get to see a full blown trailer for the upcoming project. It contains flashing strippers, guns, drugs, and the whole shebang. It’s everything you wanted and expected from Del Rey. And in addition to starting herself, it also co-stars male model Shaun Ross and is co-produced by Rick Rubin. The film was quite Lynch-esque.

    The short film will be officially released on December 5, 2013 via Vevo. It’ll be soundtracked by songs from her album Born To Die and the Paradise Edition.

    If you missed the previous teaser, click here to take a look.

    For now, watch the official trailer below: