Watch: Lana Del Rey Speaks On Rumor Of Turning Down Opportunity To Perform At Kanye West’s Proposal

    After watching the clip, two possible ideas came to mind on why Lana Del Rey “said” she didn’t deny Kanye West‘s request to perform at his proposal for Kim Kardashian.  For one, Rey probably doesn’t have any time to be reading or hearing about Kanye ranting about being shut out AGAIN. Honestly, I don’t think anybody has any time to hear anymore Yeezy rants. Second, she perhaps wouldn’t say no, but she also wouldn’t pick up the phone to say yes, either. Kind of like a young woman not answering the phone when a nice guy interested in her wants to go out. She would “never” tell him no, but she wouldn’t pick up the phone and say “yes, I would love to go,” either.  But those are just personal speculations, of course.


    To watch Lana Del Rey’s response to questions of her denying Kanye West’s request, click below.