Watch: Lana Del Rey Perform “Video Games” On Letterman (Video)

    The world almost fell of its axis when Lana Del Rey  gave a less-than assured performance on Saturday Night Live a few weeks back. Thankfully, there are likely to be countless other TV appearances coming up this year in which she’ll get a chance to redeem herself, starting with David Letterman’s show last night. She wisely decided to go with “Video Games” on the show, still looking a little awkward, but turning the vulnerability of that deer-in-the-headlights look to her advantage this time.

    Expect this performance to get dissected endlessly, but this feels like a perfectly fine rendition of one of the standout tracks of 2011. Make sure you stick around until the end to find out Paul Shaffer’s opinion on Lana Del Rey: “It don’t get no better. That was gorgeous,” he said. Take that, blogosphere. Of course Letterman acts a little creepy, asking Del Rey to return to the show tomorrow night and Monday, but having a late night TV talk show host slobbering over you is (sadly) a rite of passage for most female stars.