Watch Lana Del Rey On SNL

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is where Internet hype, major label backing, and a highly bloggable single meets reality: Lana Del Rey was on SNL last night, making her American TV debut. It was an opportunity for her and her backers to see how she would fair on these shores in front of an audience that hasn’t debated her lips for six months, and it did not got so well. Del Rey seems sort out of out of her depth here, like if she really cuts loose something bad will happen, pushing out air like she’s the female answer to that Crash Test Dummies dude. What can’t be good for her future: The fact that it seems like she gets out of breath doing songs she wrote on her own. It’s not like she’s performing a song that someone wrote for her that’s a challenge: This is her own creation she’s struggling to keep up with.

    That said, I imagine this will keep the Internet in jokes/debates/discussions for the next six to seven weeks. Watch it below. She does “Video Games” and “Blue Jeans.”