Watch Lady Gaga Smoke Weed Onstage In Amsterdam

    Ooooh Gaga…What are we going to do with you, crazy lady? Mama Monster has sparked a bit of controversy by smoking marijuana onstage during her show in Amsterdam last night. 

    Currently on her massive ‘Born This Way’ Ball, the singer praised her fans, who threw gifts up on stage to her. After opening up a pack of cigarettes, she smelled each one, responding with a “no,” until someone threw a wrapped joint on the stage. “Is this real?” Gaga asked with glee, clawing at the wrapper. She quickly realized it was upon scent and quickly lit up, letting out a classy “Fuckin’ A,” upon first puff. 

    “And for those of you who are wondering if I’m high right now, I am not. That is not nearly enough to get me high,” she said with a cackle. Don’t believe me? See for yourself. The fun begins around the two-minute mark.

    Watch a video of Lady Gaga smoking a joint onstage below.