Watch Kraftwerk’s 1970 TV Debut

    For the first time, the debut TV apperance of Kraftwerk has surfaced online. The 40-minute performance was aired in Germany on Rockpalast in 1970. 

    What’s most interesting here is not that they don’t look like Kraftwerk with their leather jackets and long hair, but that they don’t necessarily sound like Kraftwerk. They’re experimenting and playing some pretty prog-y music, but the sound is much more punk or psychedelic with a 60s rock influence than the synth-pop that they ultimately landed on. 

    The concert features founding members Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider, along with drummer Klaus Dinger who left to form Neu! the following year. 

    Kraftwerk are currently heading out on a 3D concert tour and are reportedly working on their ninth studio recording. Watch the TV broadcast below.