Watch Korn Play Their Terrifying Brostep Songs On Kimmel (If You Dare)

    Korn’s recent makeover as the most agressive group in all of “DROP THE BASS” brostep sort of makes sense in a way. Skrillex-style dubstep is predicated on that moment when it feels like your lower colon is going to come shooting through your digestive track and out your mouth*, and Korn’s ’90s albums were built the same way. 

    Korn took their new sound to Kimmel last night, and they were as scary bad as your imagination would have allowed. The scariest part? This album is well-known enough that people can scream along to it in the crowd. I wish I was able to say, “Oh the humanity, what is wrong with you people!” but I guess when the alternative is listening to non dance-music heavy Korn, this isn’t so bad? Maybe? I really don’t know. I just want to be out from in front of this. So I’m out. Watch it below:

    *-from revulsion, or powerful reaction to the music, you be the judge