Watch: Kendrick Lamar Thinks ‘GKMC’ Will Be A ‘Classic’

    Kendrick Lamar raised his profile considerably with the release of good kid, m.A.A.d city recently, and it’s pretty staggering to think it’s just his first album. Lots of fans and critics are already calling it one of the best of the year and a landmark in hip-hop circles.

    So, what does Lamar himself think of the effort? He shares everyone’s sentiment, of course. Speaking to #TableRonde, a feature with the French hip-hop site US Rap News, Lamar has high hopes for the record. “Ain’t nothing missing from it to be a classic, it’s just time is missing,” said Lamar. He then goes on to talk about Dr. Dre’s influence, being competitive with other rappers, and more. Watch the interview below (and brush up on your French while you’re at it). [YHTN]