Watch: Kendrick Lamar Talks Favorite Cartoon, Guilty Pleasures In “Intimate” Fuse Interview

    Chances are most interviews you watch with Kendrick Lamar, he’ll be talking about his brand new and highly acclaimed album, good kid, m.A.A.d city, but Fuse like to things a little differently with their “Intimate” series. Laid on a couch gazing into the camera lens, the Black Hippy opened up about his favorite cartoon as a kid (Bugs Bunny), sex education (“you betta put a rubber on because you gonna have a thousand kids,” his father eloquently advised a five-year-old Kendrick), musical guilty pleasure (surprisingly, he listens to more Neo-Soul than Rap), biggest regret in life (not experiencing College) and celebrity crushes (Brandy). Intimate stuff indeed. Check it out below.