Watch: Kate Moss Plays Guitar, Drums With The Vaccines In A Makeup Commercial

    When we’ve previously posted on Kate Moss, it’s usually been something related to her ex-boyfriend Pete Doherty or her current hubby Jamie Hince, of the Kills. But surprise surprise, that’s not the case this time. In this more than four-minute-long commercial for London cosmetics company Rimmel, the waifish model has linked with British indie rock youngsters the Vaccines.

    After playing around on a bed with her friends in the beginning — it’s not as sexy as it reads — she gets chased (sort of) to a set where the band is performing. And instead of dancing around or something boring like that, she picks up a guitar and strums along. She then (wo)mans the drum kit for a minute, which is just as awkward as it sounds. Moss also makes sure to reveal more than enough skin throughout the commercial as she exchanges one outfit for another.

    You can watch the commercial below. Is this a good look for the Vaccines? I’d say yes just because it gets them out there in the public eye, but I’m not really up on British gossip and whether or not their working with Moss is a good move or not.