Watch Kanye West Listen To Street Rapper

    Most of the videos of Kanye West that are posted by TMZ involve him yelling at the camera or getting in a physical altercation, so it is nice to see some good footage of Yeezy. In the video below he is walking down the street in New York City with Kim Kardashian when a young rapper comes up to them and starts freestyling.

    The stranger explains that he met Kanye a few years ago, and has been trying to improve ever since. “How does it sound now?” asks Kanye, and while it is hard to make out a lot of what is said, Kanye clearly enjoyed the rhymes, even pausing at the door to let the man finish.

    Who knows what will come of this, but everyone has to start somewhere. Even Kanye went through a similar situation, according to his song “Big Brother,” where he describes the first time he met Jay Z. “J A Y and ‘Ye so shy, now he won’t even step to his idol to say ‘hi’/standing there like a mime and let the chance pass by/back of my mind ‘he could change your life’…”