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Watch: Kanye Performs A 20-Minute Version Of "Runaway" Live

When you listened to Kanye West's 2010 opus, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, did it ever cross your mind that the Pusha T-assisted "Runaway" was a little too long at nine minutes? If you answered yes, then you're likely going to run away screaming and kicking shit like a child after watching this new footage of Yeezy performing the track live in Krakow, Poland.

He extended the song by 11 minutes, which brought the running time to a grand total of 20 minutes. Yeah. He essentially freestyle sing-songs his way through most of it while drenching his voice in Auto-Tune. It's actually pretty entertaining, even if the sound gets muddy here and there, and even more indicative of Yeezy's bloated, prog-rock tendencies.

You can watch the video below.

Kanye West - Runaway (Live at Coke Live Music Festival Krakow 2011) from Man on the Moon on Vimeo.


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