Watch Justin Timberlake & Jay Z Perform “Forever Young” Dedicated To Trayvon Martin (Video)

    Having kicked off their ‘Legends of Summer’ Tour last week, the two iconic pop artists Justin Timberlake and Jay Z did a rendition of “Forever Young” at Yankee Stadium on July 19, 2013. The two they dedicated it to the late Trayvon Martin. If you’ve been stuck in a blackhole the Martin and Zimmerman case was one of the biggest trials in the last few years and the results, well caused a lot of fuel and fire in the race for racial justice and equality.

    As they performed, Jay Z yelled out “This is for Trayvon, so light up your cell phones New York!” as Timberlake followed with “One more time for Trayvon New York!”

    Watch the live clip below:

    [Hype Trak]