Watch: Jon Stewart’s Response To The Presidential Debate

    While the presidential debates might have left something to be desired, at least we all know we can rely on Jon Stewart to bring us brilliant satire on the event on The Daily Show.

    As expected, Mitt Romney’s comments on cutting subsidies to PBS were a source of jokes. “Motherf—ker fired Big Bird and won,” Stewart exclaimed. “Beloved children’s character Big Bird. And the sad truth is Romney could have waterboarded Aladdin, put down Blue, deported Dora the Explorer, and still won walking away!”

    But don’t think Stewart would ever ignore some of the factual inaccuracies from Romney’s claims. However, for people who think Stewart’s a “dirty liberal,” he does provide a good amount of criticism toward Barack Obama’s performance at the debates. Even Jim Lehrer wasn’t safe from Stewart’s biting satire, comparing his ability to moderate the debate to Scott Bakula’s character from Quantum Leap leaping into Lehrer’s body and trying to figure out who he was.

    Overall, it’s a very funny and brutally honest look at the debate from Stewart. Watch the clip below and let us know what you think in the comments section.