Watch: Jon Stewart Makes Fun Of Himself For Not Discovering General Petraeus’ Affair

    People who don’t care for Jon Stewart like to take him to task for being very left-leaning — or for at least not taking a lot of the subjects covered on The Daily Show very seriously. Stewart’s response is usually to point out that he’s a comedian first and foremost, and that he has a bigger duty to make people laugh than to inform them, no matter how bad the rest of the media is at providing solid information about the news of the day. 

    Funnily enough, Stewart recently had occasion to prove he wasn’t a very good journalist. The big story over the weekend is that CIA director and former four-star general David Petraeus has resigned after having an affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell, exposed. Broadwell was a guest on The Daily Show last January, and Stewart took the opportunity to berate himself for not picking up on all the apparent innuendoes Broadwell was making. Watch the segment (via The Hollywood Reporter) and the full interview with Broadwell below, who’s now famous for her role in a huge shakeup at the nation’s executive level. 


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