Watch: Jon Stewart Climbs Fox News’ “Bulls#%t Mountain”

    It’s almost like Fox News wants to be made fun of. Jon Stewart once again made the conservative news network his target of ridicule in a Daily Show segment called “Chaos on Bullshit Mountain.” This time it’s Fox News’ defense of Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s recent “47 percent” gaff that managed to draw the full force of Stewart’s ire. 

    The network’s bumbling defense of Romney’s closed-door speech and assertion that nearly half of all Americans are freeloaders was deftly and brutally torn apart by Stewart, who called it out (as the segment’s title would imply) as bullshit. Stewart also managed to poke a gaping hole in one of the pundit’s most outlandish claims, that Barack Obama is “the worst president in history” and would have no prayer of getting elected; Obama has a commanding lead in the polls. Watch the clip for yourself below. [The Hollywood Reporter]