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Watch John Legend and The Roots on AOL Sessions

John Legend and The Roots have been on their grind to promote their upcoming collaborative album, Wake Up!. After appearing on Oprah yesterday for a quick performance, the two acts took to AOL Sessions to tackle three album cuts and an interview. As I mentioned previously about the tracks heard thus far from Wake Up!, they appear to sound much better in a live setting. For example, here "Wake Up Everybody" doesn't pack the same amount of cheese as heard on the studio version. They also tackle "Hard Times," which serves a funked-up and catchy cover of Baby Huey & the Babysitters, and burner "Little Ghetto Boy." All there are slightly toned down a bit for the AOL Sessions, but hey, at least we get to hear somewhat new verses from Black Thought, who fills in for Common on "Wake Up Everybody."


You can watch the performances, interview, and behind-the-scenes footage at AOL Sessions.

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