Watch: Joe Goddard And Roots Manuva Record “Capsize” With DELS

    For DELS’ debut, GOB, the British rapper kept the guest list to a minimum. He recruited Elan Tamara, Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard, and Roots Manuva, with the last two appearing together on the album’s last single, “Capsize.” Aside from being one of the record’s best cuts, it represents a crossroads of sorts for DELS. As he explains in the above making-of video, he listened to Manuva all the time growing up in Ipswich, Suffolk, U.K.


    So when he got the ability to work with one of his rap heroes, DELS saw it as “just a massive, massive deal.” Never mind the fact that he is still clearly taken by the fact that he’s working with Goddard, even though the two have been collaborating since 2006 after they linked with one another on MySpace.


    You never get to hear the entirety of “Capsize” in the video, so be sure to check it out below. And if you’re digging it like we are, check out the entirety of DELS’ GOB — it’s out now.