Watch: Jimmy Kimmel Plays Who’s A Hipster And Who’s Hasidic

    If you’ve ever spent time in Brooklyn (or any hip area in a major city, for that matter), you’re probably familiar with hipsters. Hell, you may even be one yourself (don’t worry — it’s not a bad word). If there’s one thing hipster men love, it’s their facial hair. No matter how sparse, thick, long or shaggy it gets, you can’t really call yourself a hipster (or expect to be called one by anyone else) if haven’t at least tried to grow an impressive beard. 

    Only one other group in New York is as proud of their beards as hipsters — Hasidic Jews. In fact, without their traditional clothes on (flannel for hipsters, coats and hats for the Hasidic), you’d be hard pressed to tell the two apart. 

    Jimmy Kimmel thought so, which inspired him to play a fun game: Hipster or Hasidic Jew. He starts with a close-up of a beard and asks the studio audience to guess which group it belongs to. Check it out below (via Vulture) and see how you do.