Watch Jimmy Fallon’s Monologue To An Empty Studio During Hurricane Sandy

    It’s not unusual for major events to preempt TV shows and other kinds of media. Bad news, whether it’s from a natural disaster, assassination or other tragedy, usually takes precedence over even the most popular kinds of programs — and it’s understandable when that happens. 

    Then there’s what occurred to Jimmy Fallon on TV last night. 

    As the Northeast braced for one of the largest hurricanes in American history, most New Yorkers were told to remain at home and stay on high ground. Late Night With Jimmy Fallon was set to tape just before Hurricane Sandy struck, so in the interest of safety, Fallon and the crew sent folks home. However, the show must always go on, and so it did. 

    However, a late night variety show isn’t quite the same without an audience. The laughter and crowd responses aren’t canned, so some elements, like interviews, can seem a little strange. However, nothing can top the awkwardness of the opening monologue, which is essentially just an abbreviated stand-up set. Check it out below (via Zap2It) and realize how much audience laughter actually helps jokes seem funny.