Watch JEFF The Brotherhood Demonstrate The Science Of Partying

    Do you like to party? If you’re reading an article about the Nashville, Tenn., garage-rock duo JEFF The Brotherhood, chances are the answer is yes. But even though shotgunning beers might be an old hat for some of us, that doesn’t mean a well-executed shotgunning should go by without proper praise.

    Thus, we should tip our hats to JEFF The Brotherhood, who celebrated the release of their new single, “Sixpack,” off their forthcoming Hypnotic Nights LP, by shotgunning Modelos with BuzzFeed. Watch the video below, and stream “Sixpack” along with the Hypnotic Nights EP (the teaser for the similarly named LP) at the bottom. The Hypnotic Nights LP is schedule for release July 17 on Infinity Cat records.

    Unfortunately, the video misses out on the most critical part of a successful shotgun—punching the hole. Forget Miller Lite’s punch-top can; there’s a science to getting your key (or knife, or screwdriver, but probably your key) through the main cavity without incurring an embarrassing premature spray, and it’s called the science of partying. This is the one subject for which no one should be all that surprised to see JEFF The Brotherhood seated at the front of the class. Party on, guys.