Watch: Jeezy Talks ‘Thug Motivation 103,’ ‘The Real Is Back 2,’ “Shake Life”

    Now that the Sept. 20 release date for Jeezy’s Thug Motivation 103 is “locked,” it’s time that he starts the proper promotional train behind the damn thing. He recently sat down with Jenny Boom Boom to discuss the album, his decision to release another The Real Is Back mixtape, and his latest single, “Shake Life.” The whole idea behind dropping a second mixtape leads to an interesting conversation about whether or not he really needs to do that to make sure everyone is ready for TM 103. Jenny argues, for example, that “Shake Life” should be enough to do that along with the fact we’ve all been waiting for the album for what feels like forever and a day. I have to agree.

    You can watch the full interview below.

    [Nah Right]