Watch Jay-Z Endorse Bacardi D’Usse Cognac By Doing Nothing But Being Jay-Z

    Jay-Z loves the finest things in life: sneakers, “urban” fashion, Obama, the Duracell Powermat, and now, Bacardi D’ussé cognac. In fact, he loves this cognac so much, he’s rendered speechless.

    Watch the silent, slow-motion commercial for D’USSÉ VSOP: “A bold new expression of cognac.” It’s not entirely clear what the ‘bold’ refers to, but based on this 60-second advert, my guess would be the following: “A taste so bold you will lose complete function of your basic motor skills”; or “D’Usse is SO BOLD it literally slows down time to the point where you no longer remember why you’re here or…what…you’re….doing…..with……this…….glass……..of……….zzzzzz.” Now that’s bold!

    Bacardi’s marketing strategy is to appeal to a “young, hip” audience; the $45-50 price tag might turn off many a young hip person (they ain’t drinkin’ PBR for the taste), but that does buy you a 750 ml bottle, which–when time slows down from the bold flavor–should last you roughly a lifetime. [RealTalkNY]