Watch: Jay-Z Discusses The Notorious B.I.G.

    Last November, Jay-Z put out his first novel, Decoded, that serves as both a memoir of his life and an explanation of his lyrics, which kind of go hand in hand. And to further accommodate Decoded readers, he released an app for the iPhone that features videos of Jay breaking down different portions of the book and his lyrics. Here, he discusses the Notorious B.I.G-referencing line “A world with amnesia won’t forget your name” from “The City is Mine” and just how much he was influenced by Biggie. Jay also mentions the fact that he doesn’t necessarily need to pay homage to his favorite rapper all the time, but he enjoys doing it as a “fan and a historian” of music.


    You can watch the video below. The Decoded app is available on iTunes.



    [Roc 4 Life]