Watch Jamie Lidell “Big Love” (Video)

    The gospel of Jamie Lidell continues as he prances around the youth stomping grounds of Cincinatti, Ohio for his newest music video “Big Love.” If it’s any indication coming from the song’s lyrics and vibe, it’s definitely the type of song that reaches out to give some big love to the youth. 

    Focused on the Q-Kidz dance group, here’s what Lidell had to say about it;

    “The Q-Kidz are the bomb. They destroy all cynicism with their sheer joy and passion and leave a trail of heart-warming smiles behind them wherever they go. It’s pretty rare these days to feel a genuine life rush but these girls with all their raw passion, discipline and exuberant joy just blew us all away.”

    Watch the brand new home cookin’ electro funk video below: